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With years of experience behind us in the central heating industry, Abbey Gas Heating Ltd are perfectly placed to handle all your gas and heating related needs in Newton Abbot and surrounding areas.

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Boiler Servicing

  • An annual service will help to prolong the life of your boiler. It will also reduce the risk of a breakdown

  • Manufacturers recommend an annual service to keep your boiler working efficiently

Do your radiators take a while to reach optimum temperature?

Is your heating system sluggish?


Power flushing can:


  • Improve the performance of your heating system

  • Usually cure flow and circulation problems

  • Restore heating system efficiency

  • Restore heat output to radiators

  • Thoroughly clean the WHOLE system

  • Can cure and prevent boiler noises

  • Increase the life span of pumps, radiators and valves

  • Increase the life span of your boiler


If you are fitting a new boiler to an existing central heating system, boiler manufacturers recommend power flushing to prevent problems caused by system debris.

Chemical Cleaning and Power Flushing

It is a legal requirement for landlords to hold a CP12 Certificate for homes supplied with gas. The annual gas safety inspection and service ensures that the gas appliances and flues in the landlord's rental property are operating correctly.

Annual Gas Service and CP12 Certificates for Landlords

  • Carry out a full gas service and supply a CP12 Landlord's Certificate

  • Place you on our annual gas service list

  • Contact your tenants to arrange access

  • Keep records of all work carried out

  • Inform you when works are complete

We will:

  • Natural/Mains Gas

  • LPG Bottled Gas

Gas Types:

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